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Is your car outside nekkid right now? Yes, your car. If you’re nekkid that’s perfectly fine. After all, you’re at home in front of your computer and really we don’t mind. We’ll try not to think about it. So, back to Carports! We like nekkid too, but not on cars! When cars go uncovered, they fade (think wrinkles), they blister (think sunburn) and they can get attacked (think hail)! Yikes! None of that is good, right? Well we don’t think so and at The Patio Factory, we would like to help you dress up your car and your home and keep everything on the straight and narrow. The Patio Factory has experts that deal exclusively in “Nekkid Car Syndrome”. Seriously, what will the neighbors think if your prized beauty sits out there nekkid one more night??

We hear you. You don’t want installers to come work around your home. Ok. We have the perfect solution. Of course it will save you a bit of money. It’s a DIY Carport KIT from The Patio Factory. Our Carport KITS are simply the best. There is just no other way to put it. Why fool around with a lesser kit when you can start off the right way with The Patio Factory DIY CAR PORT KIT? Of course you are going straight for the best. There is really no reason not to.

At The Patio Factory we don’t just send out a KIT and hope for the best. Our KITS include the very best materials available. The structure is made of Australian BlueScope® Steel coupled with a Colorbond® coated roofing system…there are several forms and we can look at that with you onsite or here in our offices…even online; you are going to really make the neighbors jealous. Don’t worry we’ll tell you how to deal with them later.

The Patio Factory makes sure that you have everything in your Carport KIT before it leaves us. We include easy-to-follow instructions. We test them prior to putting them in there. Who wants to pull out the instructions only to find out that they are written in Greek? Now if you can read Greek, that’s another story! We like to keep it simple. We include all the bolts, screws, nuts and washers one needs to put this project together. You don’t want to be halfway and find out you have missing bolts. We double and triple-check our Carport KITS before they leave the factory. For us it’s like sending a child off to university. If you need it, we make sure it’s in the box! Except tool that is. Tools you will need to have on hand. We do let you know which ones you’ll need though, so no surprises there! We also have experts standing by to answer any questions you may have. Fear not support is always available. These are the same experts with multiple years of experience dealing with “Nekkid Car Syndrome”. We’re here for you and we can help. Just make that call to 08 9451 5777.

Help us help you to end “Nekkid Car Syndrome” today! Get one of The Patio Factory’s DIY Carport KITS with all the fixins! Vow to cover the old gal or that sparkly new beauty tonight! We’re here to help you keep her happy, shiny and new looking for the long haul. Under the hood maintenance is strictly up to you!

Now, on to the fun stuff! When you call, we are going to ask several questions. It’s just our way. We like to get to know you a bit and find out what kind of carport will best fit your needs and go with your existing structure. Here’s what we want you to think about.

Do you want the carport to be free-standing or attached?

Do you want the carport to blend seamlessly into your existing structure or do you want it to stand out?

What is your budget or do you need information about our finance program? Yes, that’s right…we have financing too!

Finally, we are going to ask what your carport is for (and we hate to put it this way) is it just to cover your car or will you need space to cover and store other items as well? Believe me when I say this…we know it’s never just a car.

Not only will you be making decisions on the color, size and type of roofing, but the shape as well. We offer Gable Roofs, Flat Roofs, Dutch Gable Roofs, Skillion Roofs, Hip Roofs and both single and double-wide options. Relax; we know it’s a lot to take in all at once. You can browse around our site and see examples of all the different products we offer or you can call, 08 9451 5777, ask for a designer and get the ball rolling that way. Our designers are experts in guiding our customers to the best options for their style of home, life and needs. No one is leaving you alone in the dark. We are here to hold a hand, be a shoulder to cry on or celebrate with you when you finally get everything the way you want it. We certainly don’t hear any crying about our Patio Factory Carport KITS, but we do know that occasionally one of the kids beings home a D in math or science and that prompts an upset. Really, we’ll listen, pat you on the back and remind you why life is so great! Pretty soon your Carport KIT will arrive and you can tune out their excuses and put them to work! A little hard work is good for the soul, right? Besides they may even decide that studying is preferable to work! That’s right; we’ve got your back!

Call us  on 08 9451 5777 for a free measure and quote. We’ll send someone out to visit with you and instead of all those questions over the phone, they will get to see your site, make suggestions and show you materials right there in your own private space. Either way it’s a win for you! Pretty soon you will have the solution to “Nekkid Car Syndrome” right at your fingertips! Oh the talking the neighbors will do!

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Are you a go-getter? Are you the one that can’t wait to get out in the yard on the weekend? Do you prefer to dig in the dirt or watch someone else dig in the dirt? Do your roses need some help? Are they too hot to do much growing? Are you tired of being sun burned and do you stay inside because of it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like you need a DIY Pergola! A DIY Pergola is exactly what it sounds like, Do It Yourself!

While a DIY Pergola offers limited sun shade, it does offer a spectacular place for your roses to climb and flourish. Why you can even try your hand at other vine growing plants? Grapes…a little DIY wine perhaps to kick off the weekend with? Oh wait, we have to talk design first. There are options. Options are really great things to have.

Let’s talk about our Pergolas first. Components are constructed of BlueScope® Steel, an Australian made product that has incredible strength, durability and thanks to Colorbond®, beauty as well. BlueScope® Steel means that your DIY Pergola will be virtually maintenance free for the first ten years or more. That’s good news! It means that there is more time to enjoy your new DIY Pergola rather than spend time on maintenance! The DIY option has already saved you your installation costs, so saving on maintenance is a bonus!

Our Pergolas are strong. Just follow the installation instructions included in your DIY Pergola Kit, along with proper use of all the materials and you will have your DIY Pergola for a very long time. We have designers on hand to discuss your specific needs and desires. Why not go a little crazy and put your stamp on this project with a very specific design piece or choose from any number of standard designs already shire approved.

Our standard designs are ready to go, pre-approved and ship to you in a timely manner so you can start your project right away. Remember that it’s not over once the materials go out to you. Should you have any questions and we mean any…yes, we’ve had that person that calls to see if they can remove the staples from the shipping box, just call us. Really, we don’t bite and we can’t wait to hear how it’s going….the installation that is, not about Aunt Birdie’s Meatloaf recipe that you burned in the oven last week! We know, we know. Meatloaf is gross! Who cares if its Aunt Birdie’s recipe or someone else’s we don’t like it much either!

There are some things to think about when deciding to go the DIY route, like who is going to help you carry the timbers, roof panels, steel supports, and count and hold the screws, bolts, nails, lags? Make sure you line up enough help, good help, not the ones you have to ply with beer that will be drunk before the structure is up! Recruit some good people to help you get the job done. After all, we’ve gone to a lot of trouble to fabricate all the right pieces in the Colorbond® colour of your choice and we don’t want to see you mess them up, lose them or put them in the wrong spot. You will need someone that is good at reading directions! We send them and really, we want you to read them and follow them so that everything comes out looking as it should. Don’t be the guy or gal that says oh, that pole sticking out the top? That’s for my flag! Not!

So let’s go over some specifics:

Decide on a budget for your DIY Pergola project. Not fun, but always an important part of any project!

See if any of our pre-made DIY Pergola KITS fit the bill.

If you can’t or don’t want to use a pre-made DIY Pergola KIT, then let’s talk about a custom DIY Pergola design. So call one of our designers.

Discuss and choose material options for your DIY Pergola.

Place your order, pay and sit back and wait for it to arrive. It’s that simple!

When your order arrives, direct the shipper to where you want the items placed and you are ready to begin. Of course, you’ll need your install crew and a phone standing by in case you have any questions for us, but we think you’ll manage just fine. We’ve spent a lot of time on our DIY Pergolas and KITS and we know the instructions are easy to follow. Remember, we are always here for you. We’re not going to drop you off a block from the station and tell you the train is leaving in 5 minutes. Call us and we’ll talk about your questions before your KIT even leaves the building!

Pergola Kit https://www.wapatios.com.au/pergola-kit/ Thu, 29 Dec 2016 08:38:07 +0000 https://www.wapatios.com.au/?p=4874

So you want a Pergola? OK. Let’s go! We have many options to offer in the realm of Pergola KITS. We can fit you out with something spectacular or something that is a little more understand but still serves your needs. The show appeal is up to you! Functionality goes without saying. We want you to have your cake and eat it too! We understand that some people like the challenge and want to be out there doing the installation on their own. We applaud you. We love the outdoors, digging in the dirt and working outside. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. In fact, we love it so much that we are truly gratified when someone wants to try a Pergola KIT themselves.

Our Pergola KITS come complete with all parts, clearly labeled, every piece measured, cut and packaged to perfection so that there is no guessing about which is part A, B or C. In addition we include a complete list of parts so that you can familiarise yourself with detailed drawings and counts of parts and materials pre-construction. You will know just how many friends to invite to the install party for your Pergola KIT. We don’t have any idea how many people you want on your crew, be it 4, 6, 8 or 10 we are sure of a few things though. You will have one guy or gal in charge of reading the directions…might we suggest a gal? They really are better at reading directions…science has proven it! Just ask any married man! Then you will have one guy or gal that is there strictly to make the beer runs! You’ll probably have one complainer too! Everyone does! This will be the friend that shows up first when all is complete and says oh I’m just here to relax with you and see how you like your new Pergola! When you’ve stopped laughing, and you are laughing, you will surely realize that it is all true! So keep in mind a few good friends that you want to help you. (Pick the ones with apartments and no yards! You won’t have to return the favor any time soon!)

Again, all of our Pergola KITS come with drawings, complete and easy to follow directions and all pieces, cut polished, lined up and ready to install. Each KIT is inspected and reviewed multiple times before shipping to you. Who wants to get three quarters of the way through a project only to find that they are missing a bolt? Yikes! Not you and not us! We include all the pieces and we make sure of it! Your timbers, screws, lags, bolts, Steel in your choice of Colorbond® colours is all double and triple-checked before it gets to you! Now let’s be honest, that’s not saying that someone can’t miscount or unintentionally leave out a bolt or screw, but we are saying we do our best to prevent that from happening. Our customers, like our family are the most important people in our world. We like it when they are all happy!

Well, we’ve given you the KIT/DIY talk; now let’s discuss the practicality of our Pergola KITS and Pergolas in general. Everyone wants that yard that all the neighbors’ talk about, point and aspire to. So we want you to have everything you need, everything you desire. Call us on08 9451 6661 to discuss all the options, whether its fancy design work on your Pergola or its coming straight out of the box and you want to add something special, we can help you think of the things that will make it special, and perfect for your home or yard. We can offer some tips on plants if you like or perhaps seating. We can offer suggestions for that first bottle of wine for your very first romantic, starlit dinner under your DIY Pergola KIT. Pergolas evoke a beauty and a time gone by to which we should all aspire to return. They are romantic, practical and beautiful.

We think the romance comes in when you use them to host special dinners, weddings under the Pergola, celebrations, just to name a few. We feel they are practical, because they offer some shade from the sun, a landing space for garden parties, a place to plant plants and flowers that grow in vines or like to wrap themselves around a sturdy structure, perhaps even grapes for our amateur wine makers. Beauty, we feel they are beautiful because Pergolas have stood the test of time and been around for ages. We are stewards of the design and have modernised them into Steel and Timber structures to meet the needs of the modern world and withstand the punishing Australia weather.

So, call us today and we can discuss what you would like to do with your Pergola and how best to help you accomplish that either with a standard shire-approved design or perhaps something in the custom range. Whatever your needs, we are here to help make it happen. Let’s make those dreams come true. Call our designers now!

Colorbond Roofing https://www.wapatios.com.au/colorbond-roofing/ Tue, 27 Dec 2016 16:40:43 +0000 https://www.wapatios.com.au/?p=4867

You’ve heard the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Well, we’re beholdin’!  Our BlueScope® Steel is not only strong, but made beautiful as well by the Colorbond® pallet of colours and the Colorbond® Roofing process. Think Brute Strength meets Cinderella®!  Colorbond® colours are going to turn your BlueScope® Steel Patio Roof System into a thing of absolute beauty. 

With the Colorbond® process of adhering colour directly to the steel, we can bring colour to your life and your roof!  Your patio roof can now match the colour of your home, in effect camouflaging the structure or it can complement the colour of your home, standing out against the structure like a shining star in the moonlit sky. Either way, Colorbond® is ready to make your roof beautiful, weather resistant and something that will garner jealousy from all those neighbors on your street for many years to come.

The Colorbond® roofing material is so strong; it can withstand cyclones and all manner of weather atrocities. Colorbond® roofing is so powerful; could protect Superman® from Kryptonite®. Now, that’s a lot of protection! Colorbond® roofing is rust-proof, wind, rain and sun-resistant. It’s an incredible product and we are excited to have it in our lineup just for you!

Colorbond® roofing as a product was introduced by BlueScope® Steel in 1966. Since that time Colorbond® roofing has become the gold standard for roofing products and coatings in Australia. It just can’t be beat. That’s why we love it! Why go with something that hasn’t been proven? Colorbond® has been around for a while and it has definitely proven its worth. Just ask any of our satisfied Colorbond® roofing customers. They can’t say enough good about Colorbond® Roofing and neither can we. In 2013 Colorbond® introduced Activate®.  This new technology in roofing prevents corrosion and BlueScope® is a patent holder for this technology.

Our installers are professionally trained by other professionals to work with Colorbond® roofing. That’s a whole lot of professionals!  They know what to do, how to do it and when to do it so that the end result is just right, something you can be proud of and totally enjoy!  Of course we do offer DIY KITS, completely measured, fitted and ready to go.  We’ve had our experts write up the instructions, include diagrams and pictures, so that you can follow their instructions and install this project yourself if you so desire. It’s an easy to follow process. However; if you don’t want to get dirty, let us do it for you. Call us today on 08 9451 5777 for a free measure and quote. Our designers are standing at the ready to take your call, setup appointments for us to come out and meet with you in your space or to discuss what you want and how you want the space to function for you. With 22 colours in our pallet, Colorbond® is ready to give your roofing that makeover it so needs! Call us today to discuss all this. Really, we keep those designers close at hand. Every once in a while one or two try to run off to the mall or some such silly nonsense, but we coral them and get them right back to their desks!

Perth Patio Designs https://www.wapatios.com.au/perth-patio-designs/ Sat, 26 Sep 2015 12:47:40 +0000 https://www.wapatios.com.au/?p=4633 ]]> Gazebo Designs https://www.wapatios.com.au/gazebo/ Sun, 20 Sep 2015 03:50:23 +0000 https://www.wapatios.com.au/?p=4620

A gazebo provides shade, protection and a resort experience in your back yard.  The Patio Factory can custom design your gazebo to match the style of your home and with design features to enhance your outdoor living experience.

There are many design considerations to provide comfortable gazebo shade areas with maximum protection from heat and glare.  The Patio Factory can include COOLDEK® insulated roofing panels in your gazebo design that will keep you cool even on hot summer days.  All Patio Factory gazebo designs inlcude your choice of Colorbond® or Dulux colours.

Your gazebo can be fitted with colour matched insect screen blinds that will provide additional shade and protection from the elements.

Timber lining boards can be fitted to add beauty and a resort style atmosphere to your new gazebo.  The Patio factory offers a wide range of pre-finished timber boards with colours and textures to meet your requirements.

Your new gazebo will be party central and a family favourite for outdoor dining and entertaining.  

The Patio Factory offers fully-fitted gazebos and DIY gazebo kits that are designed for fast and easy assembly.

Please contact the Patio Factory for a no-obligation free consultation, measure and quote.

Pavilion® Colours https://www.wapatios.com.au/pavilion-colours/ Mon, 14 Sep 2015 11:13:37 +0000 https://www.wapatios.com.au/colorbond-colours-copy/

Stratco Pavilion® Colour Range

  • Calcite™

  • SilverSlate™

  • Sylvanite™

  • Carbonite™

  • Sunstone™

  • Flint™

Insulated Patio Roofing with Colorbond® Colours

Colorbond® Colours https://www.wapatios.com.au/colorbond-colours/ Mon, 14 Sep 2015 10:23:41 +0000 https://www.wapatios.com.au/?p=4611

Colorbond® Contemporary Colours for Patios 

  • Basalt®

  • Gully™

  • Monument®

  • Wallaby®

  • Cove™

  • Ironstone®

  • Shale Grey™

  • Wind Spray®

  • Dune®

  • Jasper®

  • Surf Mist®

  • Evening Haze®

  • Mangrove®

  • Terrain®

Colorbond® Classic Colours for Patios

  • Classic Cream™

  • Night Sky®

  • Cottage Green®

  • Pale Eucalypt®

  • Deep Ocean®

  • Paperbark®

  • Manor Red@

  • Woodland Grey®

COLORBOND® Steel’s wide range of colours are presented in two groups, Classic and Contemporary, to help you select the perfect colour for your patio, pergola, carport or gazebo. All the Colorbond® colours are inspired by the colours in the Australia landscape. Regardless of your preference,  Colorbond® offers a wide range that are subtle or bold, light or dark, cool or warm.  just select the colour you like from the palette and let us know when you contact us for your free measure and patio quote.

Zipscreen® Patio Blinds https://www.wapatios.com.au/patio-blinds/ https://www.wapatios.com.au/patio-blinds/#respond Tue, 11 Aug 2015 07:04:37 +0000 https://wapatios.com.au/?p=4467
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Cooldek® Insulated Roofing https://www.wapatios.com.au/cooldek-insulated-roofing/ https://www.wapatios.com.au/cooldek-insulated-roofing/#respond Tue, 11 Aug 2015 06:30:12 +0000 https://wapatios.com.au/?p=4462
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Cooldek® isn’t just another one-trick pony!  Certainly not.  Cooldek® is modular. Cooldek® is insulated. Cooldek® is a multi-use, value added product that when it comes to your home is indispensible.  Cooldek® is a modular, insulated roofing panel, comprised of our strongest Australian, BlueScope® Steel, finished in your choice of Colorbond® color to either match the house, making the structure almost disappear or a coordinating colour, making the structure stand out.

Cooldek® is a multi-use item for the home.  Cooldek® is used in anything from carports to additions and workshops and commercial space.  Yes, even commercial space. Cooldek® is an ideal product if its modernity and open space that you’re after.  Cooldek® insulated roofing panels offer extended spanning capabilities which means that you are going to see less supporting framework required to hold up that Cooldek® insulated roofing system.  Now that’s something to brag about!

So, what does all this mean? With Cooldek® you are looking at less structure, more roof, less clutter and we can’t stress this enough, strength, durability and a roofing system that actually insulates your patio, carport, addition, pool shelter, workshop or even commercial space from that wicked Australian sun we all know and love!  It means that you will soon own a structure beyond comparison when it comes to strength, protection and beauty.  That’s right beauty. We said it. A roofing system can be beautiful.

There’s just something sexy about our BlueScope® Steel combined with our Colorbond® colors that makes us quiver with excitement.  First of all when we say strong, we mean strong enough to withstand everything that our Australian weather system can throw at it.  Like to sit outside during the day but you’re too hot? Get a Cooldek® modular, insulated roofing system and enjoy the outdoors again. Cooldek® insulates you from that punishing, harsh sun.  Do you like to sit and watch the rains or the storms? Who doesn’t enjoy a good thunderstorm? There is just something about being out in the thick of things as they happen, yet protected, safe. We know not everyone likes to be out in the rain, but when you have to be, isn’t it nice that you can be? Suddenly you don’t mind the storm anymore when you can take refuge under your Cooldek® insulated roofing panels and be dry as a bone!

Again Cooldek’s superior strength and insulating properties make it the ideal candidate for use in commercial structures. Cooldek® insulated roofing panels span lengths up to 7 meters. Remember when Aunt Jane came over to your parent’s, pinched your cheek and said, “I remember you when you were sooooooo big!”? Well back then, that was big, really big!  Now, it’s huge! Think of the possibility 7 meters with no supporting structure in between required!  That’s huge! We’re talking space, great, wide-open space! Your commercial space whether for desks, exhibit space or even a huge arena is suddenly less cluttered has a clear unfettered view from one side to the other and you can hardly believe it but the insulating powers of Cooldek® actually serve to keep that space cooler!

Cooldek® panels are designed with channels shaped directly into the panels. These channels are little treasure troves that allow you to hide of all things wiring!  Yes, your friends, family and coworkers that don’t know about Cooldek® already will have no idea that the fan you are holding the remote too is directly wired into your home’s electrical grid. Why? Because they don’t see any wires on the underside that will expose the secret.  Speakers? Go ahead, install them too!  With the channels in the Cooldek® insulated roofing panels you can hide a multitude of items that normally we spend time looking at and discussing. Why take away from the beauty of this brand new finished ceiling by seeing the electrical lines, supported wiring and configuration? Well for one thing not seeing all those wires is kind of nice. Think back to a time when technology was to remain hidden and was not viewed with such irreverence.  You’ve got it. Make all the supporting structures that go with today’s technology disappear from view and allow you to enjoy a look and feel to your space that is simply sublime.

To review, Cooldek® insulated roofing panels are modular by design. There are layers, just like an onion the Cooldek® insulated roofing panels have multiple layers that work together to achieve greatness.  There, we said it, “Greatness”.  It’s true.  These layers allow you to sandwich those wires and keep them out of view.  The layers offer superior insulation properties from the elements. What is just another part of the greatness? A smooth ceiling finish is part of what’s great.  Isn’t this going to save you some time, money and effort? Look up! The ceiling is done, finished, it’s complete! Wow! Roofing, insulation material and a finished ceiling material all in one!  Hold the phone!

Let’s just go over those benefits again:

  • Insulated, Modular Design
  • Superior Insulation properties (an industry leader in the area)
  • Interior channels so you can hide “stuff”….those ugly electrical wires that make all the fun stuff like lights, stereos and fans run in your outdoor room
  • Smooth ceiling finish on the inside for a less cluttered appearance
  • Exceptional strength and durability through use of our BlueScope® Steel products
  • Colorbond® color coordinated to match or compliment your home’s existing colours
  • Virtually maintenance free for the first 10 years! Men, think of the time you’ll save on that Honey Do list! Ladies…we’ve just freed them up for more projects! We’re hiding this fact right here in plain site because most men will read the first sentence in this bullet and skip to the next one. Ladies, we know you are way better and looking at the details and fine print. So shhhhh….let’s just keep this little fact between us!
  • From design to manufacture and testing this product is built to comply with all applicable Australian standards.
  • Value added product for your home, make another room, even outside and increase the value.
  • Matches most existing roof structures on your home (Relax. We know it says most. We don’t want to get caught trying to put a round peg in a square hole! We’ve got solutions for every need.)
  • Free quotation and consultation

Frankly from this vantage point, Cooldek® insulated roofing panels are a no-brainer!  Call us today 08 9451 5777 to go over the details or request a consultation/quote via our online form. We’ll get right back to you so w can talk Cooldek® together!

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